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Advertising is the simplest way of communication that uses means of products or services. Advertising is a platform which directly and indirectly becomes the part of life. In the era of digital technology, advertising uses every possible media to interact with its public. It includes advertising through television, print, radio, internet, press, hoardings and etc. LouD IMC is the best advertising agency in Calicut, who proposes our best quality of advertisements in digital medium and other platforms of media. Among the n-number of advertising companies, LouD IMC is the leading advertising agency in Calicut, who always makes our own space focusing the goodwill of your company or service. We have bunch of creative souls who can provide their best ideas to you!

Search engine advertising

Search engine advertising is a branch of advertising which is often known as keyword advertising, online search advertising, internet search advertising, which allows the direct display of paid ads among the search results on various search engines, like Yahoo, Bing, Google and many. Search engine advertising is a cost effective way to promote your product or service as it appears high up in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) which make the products more visible to its audience.

Social Media Advertising

We are familiar with social media advertising very much. It’s the social media targeting, are the advertisements which served to users on the social media platforms. LouD IMC offers social media advertising, especially taking care of Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Loud IMC is the best advertising agency in Calicut and we offer full range of social media advertising to maximise your profit.

Display advertisements

Display advertisements is a type of online advertisements which combines images, text and a URL that links to a website where a customer can buy or learn about a product. LouD IMC is the best advertising agency in Calicut and we offer static with animated with multiple images or static with an image itself. We provide our best service as per our client’s concern. Banner ads are a common form of display ads that frequently used in advertising. 

Email advertising

Email advertising will effective only if the recipient expected to hear from you. It is one of the most cost-effective and fast way of advertising using digital sources. . It’s a way for direct reach to customers without relying on social media algorithms and search engine rankings. Email advertising is easy to measure and compare. An email is delivered immediately to its beneficiary so the marketers can see the impact of the advertising after sending the campaign. Email advertising is ideal for persuading leads to take immediate action.

YouTube advertisements

YouTube is a highly used platform in the digital world. Advertising through YouTube helps the product or service to reach their maximum profit and LouD IMC can propose a good quality of videos focusing on the type of content and target audience. It will reach your customers on YouTube by topics, tags, keywords and demographics.

WhatsApp advertising

WhatsApp advertising or WhatsApp commerce is a type of messenger marketing, that implies promoting a brand through WhatsApp messenger. Marketing through WhatsApp Business messenger became very popular and this channel helps brands to reach an enormous audience, build strong relationships with customers and finally increase sales. The app itself provides a catalogue section for product images, videos and services. Loud IMC is the creative and leading advertising agency in Calicut and we provide the best advertising service in Calicut.

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